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Your Hair Loss Evaluation
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2. Your natural hair colour is?

3. What is the texture of your hair?

4. What is the caliber of your hair at the back and side of your scalp (donor)?

5. Choose the image that best describes your hair loss

6. How long has your hair loss begun?

7. What are your expectations from hair transplantation?

8. Have you had a hair transplant procedure?

How many sessions

Date(s) of procedures

Number of grafts

Which clinic (whom)

9. Have you used any of these oral & topical medications for your hair loss?

Rogaine (minoxidil)

How long?

Propecia (finasteride)

How long?


How long?

10. Has your family suffered a significant amount of hair loss?**

Grandfather(both sides)

Grandmother(both sides)




Medical Illness

Past Surgery

Current Medications




Your Hair Loss Evaluation

Note: This form and any reply to it do not take the place of an actual in person consultation. It is merely intended to provide us with an initial idea of your condition and goals. With this information we can then give you an informed reply.

First Name:

Last Name:



Guidelines for attached photos To provide the most accurate assessment and give you an estimated number of graft, please use the following hair transplant photo guidelines:

  • Let somebody shoot it for you
  • Avoid using flash, use adequate bright fluorescent room lighting.
  • Clear background without distraction
  • Make sure that the area you are shooting is in frame and in focus
  • Please resize photos that exceed Mb per each.
  • Acceptable photo file types are jpg or jpeg.

Provide photos showing the following positions:

Lower Face

Lower Face

1 Mb Max (.gif, .jpg Only)
Top view

Top view

1 Mb Max (.gif, .jpg Only)
The back of the head (donor area)

The back of the head (donor area)

1 Mb Max (.gif, .jpg Only)
Left profile

Left profile

1 Mb Max (.gif, .jpg Only)
Right profile

Right profile

1 Mb Max (.gif, .jpg Only)
Before -  After  Strip FUT
Before -  After  Hair Transplant
Before -  After doing mustache transplant
Before -  After  doing hair transplant
Before -  After  doing eyebrow transplant