Patient Instructions

Divided into 2 periods: before and after the procedures. It's very important for patients to learn and follow the guidelines and instructions.

Pre-Operative Instructions
    Four weeks before surgery
  • Perform the Scalp Stretching Exercise
  • Maintain an adequate length of hair (about one inch) on the back of your head. Your donor grafts will be removed from here and you should expect coverage following your procedure.
  • Please inform the doctor regarding drug allergy.
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Post-Operative Instructions
    Post operative medications
  • An antibiotic will be given to help prevent infection, take them until finished.
  • Pain killers: You may take two tablets every 6 hrs or only if needed.
  • Sleeping pill: take 2 pills at bedtime.
  • Do not take aspirin for 3 days after surgery (except if the doctor approves the intake of this drug) as it can thin the blood and cause bleeding.
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Before -  After  Strip FUT
Before -  After  Hair Transplant
Before -  After doing mustache transplant
Before -  After  doing hair transplant
Before -  After  doing eyebrow transplant

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