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Postoperative Care

Final check is done to make sure every graft properly positioned and elastic headband is placed at forehead to prevent facial swelling.

We generally use elastic headband with dressings cover the donor wound to keep hemostasis and forehead to prevent facial swelling. Patients will receive post-operative instructions at several stages of the treatment: often before, during and after the procedure, as well as in writing. Repetition of these guidelines is important for several reasons. Patients need to follow these directives carefully in order to insure the best possible growth of grafts and avoidance of complications. Also, people often forget what they are told within the context of the procedure, due to excitement, anxiety or information overload. Therefore, we try to reinforce the information at several points during the patient’s entire surgical experience.

What to expect after hair transplant surgery?
The night of the surgery, and for the next few nights afterwards, you are encouraged to sleep with your head elevated on pillows. You will be given medication to help you sleep if needed. The day after surgery, you come back and you will be taught and instructed how to shampoo and gently clean the transplanted area with a special shampoo, so after that you can take care yourself. The post-operative package will be given to you. The follicular unit grafts are made to fit snugly in the recipient site and will not be dislodged in the shower provided you follow the instruction given to you. After your first shower, 2 more days further head band are required.

If the post-operative instructions are followed carefully, in most patients the transplant is barely detectable after a few days and practically undetectable after the first week. Some patients experience swelling of the forehead that settles above the headband over the course of the next several days. If this occurs, put the headband back and it is almost always gone in the first week and should not be a cause for concern. See hair graft growth timeline
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