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Hi Dr. Laorwong,
Thank you kindly for the operation and post op care/instructions.

I departed from Bangkok on 14th Dec morning and arrived at 7.30PM Malaysia time.

First of all, I would like to thank you for attending my enquiries professionally from the very first day, and I believe that everything went smooth and you really have amazing staffs/assistants during the session. Despite that I had sent emails to a few highly recommended surgeons in this industry, but I had made up my mind to have my eyebrow transplant surgery at Absolute Hair Clinic, with the total flight of 4 due unavailability of direct flight from my state =) The reason is that you are very responsive in attending my queries and very detailed and professional, and the testimonials are very very positive with the galleries showing great result, not withstanding the info of the expectation after the surgery , its recovering process, etc... I found the website is very handy and detailed with complete info I needed. And I know I've made a wise choice!

I would like to take this opportunity to mention one of your staff for being so professional and detailed in her customer service skills. I apologise for not knowing her name, but she was the one who led me to a room for shirt changing and gave me medicines prior to the surgery, where I were asked to put my belonging in the cupboard's drawer, and she locked my sling bag there, and passed the keys to me without hesitation. This detail can be said to be very professional and the patient will feel assured that everything in the clinic is safe. I am working as a client service in my country myself, and I cant stop observing and learning from others in the service-oriented field. Thanks for her inspiration to my career too.

Everyone of your staffs knows their jobs well, and they are very friendly. My friend who finally decided to accompany me for this medical trip had attended a double-eyelid surgery in October in Hatyai. He couldn't stop to feel amazed that my doctor, is a very great doctor, polite, friendly and professional vs his session in Hatyai. He was surprised that the one-shot eyebrow design was very nice and suitable for my face too. Me and a few of my friends accompanied him for his eyelid surgery but we were left in front of the counter without having anyone to attend us as the guests ( we were not the patients). But he felt really welcomed when he waited for the completion of my surgery session as your staff had attended to him and he felt really comfortable with the service.

The post-op. day had showcased another level of professionalism of Absolute Hair Clinic, with the spoken advices from both of you and your staff who washed my hair gently, and repeated everything which was written on the post-op. blue card. Thumbs up!

I had been living without my eyebrow for the past 30 years. There was a beautician telling me that there is such a technology to transfer my hair to my eyebrow but this will be very costly at least 8 years ago. I was advised to "have" eyebrow as this will improve my appearance in the "front line" career, and I can be more convincing if I have a pair of thick eyebrows, as the communication process involves eye contact, and eye contact plays an important role in the conversation. This remained my dream and it becomes true after knowing the Absolute Hair Clinic via internet search.

I think you also noticed that I have a very high hairline too due to genetic problem from my family. But if I comb my hair high at the forehead without a visible eyebrow, my overall complexion of my face will look very plain and "unhealthy" and "blank" and weird. The change is huge:

Last but not least, I would like to thank you again, Dr Laorwong for helping me on my eyebrow. You have no idea how much excitement and satisfaction I had from the surgery, there are more and more joyful moments awaiting me in the future as I am gaining more confidence now. I really appreciate what the Absolute Hair Clinic offers.

A big thank you to you and your team, wish you all healthy and successful in this industry!

Take good care=)

Yours sincerely,

A team that knows their job professionally and efficiently...... The doctor come pick up me at the hotel and he returns me back after surgery. The operation go past very quickly and after two days I felt almost no major change in my head, except that I keep  care for my hair.

Month is gone, and I can feel and see changes on the head. I believe in this team and thank them for what they did for me. All respect,

Hi Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong, MD
Thank you kindly for the operation and post op care/instructions.

I did extensive research on strip harvesting hair transplants in USA, Australia and Thailand. Australia was the most expensive, USA less expensive and Thailand having the most competitive pricing.

I then conducted research and background checks on Thailand practitioners mainly in Chang Mai and Bangkok. Absolute Hair administered by Dr Kongkiat Laorwong had the most experience and the largest list of customers with very overwhelming positive results. Dr Kongkiat replied to many questions tendered to him in a professional and prompt manner.  He provided a wealth of information concerning the procedure, pre op and post op care/instructions.  This instilled confidence.

Upon arrival at Absolute Hairs surgery, his premises were amongst five star international companies.  His surgery was immaculate, his staff courteous and professional.  His operating theatre employed state of the art technology which impressed me very much.  He made me feel confident and carefully acknowledged my requirements. I had 3000 grafts completed in a 9 hour mega session.

I was given the necessary post op medications which I administered as directed. I had a post op appointment shortly after.  I experienced no pain at all during or after the operation. It has been a stirling success and grateful I was in very good hands. I would like to thank and congratulate Dr Kongkiat and his staff for the success and hospitality provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Kongkiat as a world class hair transplant specialist.

Many thanks
Craig Howarth
Sydney, Australiaspan

Hi Dr. Laorwong,
The hair growth has gone very well.  No one can tell that it is transplanted and the donor scar is not very noticeable.  The only person who noticed was my barber for the last four years who wondered where all the hair came from all of a sudden :). 

And he is the only one who noticed the donor scar.  I think my old girlfriend is curious what happened too :).  After the surgery, I grew my hair out longer in the front.  Some of my friends I have not seen in a while said I should keep my hair longer because when it is shorter it looks like I am going bald.  I laughed about it a lot. 
You did a great job, thanks for the work. 
  Thanks again,

Dear Dr.Laorwong
I have had many surgeries before but never have a hospitality service from other clinic like your teams. I liked massage during the procedure. The surgery went well and everything was good.
Thanks for a good care.

Dear Dr.Laorwong
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your dedicated team for doing a professional,efficient and very successful procedure on me. I'm very happy with the results and hopefully after 7 months I'll be able to see fruitful outcome. 

Thank you very much for all your kindness in giving me a lift to the hotel and Miss Jakaraporn for taking me to Royal Spa.

Sawadee Krap

Hi Dr. Laorwong,
I back in Singapore and my eye brown and side burn hair growth has gone very well and this is only like 4 days after my surgery.  It actually continue growing from the length where it being implant into my eye brown and side burn.  Like what other have said before your team is a team that knows their job professionally, efficiently and the hospitality service and friendliness from you and your team really impress me.  

(10 thumbs  up if I got ) The massage during the procedure from 4 nurses total of 8 hands and light music was play is something really good and to keep me clam so that I will not be tends up. The surgery went well and everything was good almost painless. 2 of my friends will be visiting you soon after they see the result from me.  I just want to say thank you so much to you and your team.

With Very Best Regards
Jan Singapore

I want to thank you and your staff for everything you did you made me feel relaxed about the surgery everything is going well with my transplant and I am very happy thank you again I will be back in Bangkok in 6 months so I will come for a check up. I will be happy to talk to anyone thinking of having the same surgery as I did and recommend you to anyone. 

Doug , Australia

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