Why choose us?

Why Thailand?
‘Medical hub to the world’
Thailand is on track to become an international medical centre.
Thailand is now thinking of not just promoting medical tourism, enticing millions of visitors each year by offering cut-price medical care, but today, the Land of Smiles goes so far as to try to step into the forefront of the hospitality and health care industries with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the best medical hubs in the world. Thailand’s medical services are invincible; our country is ready to offer to the world not only the high-standard health-related services and medical advancement but also the Thai’s generosity and service-orientated mind. There are 2 million visitors coming to Thailand for medical treatment each year.

Why Absolute Hair Clinic for your hair transplantation?

1. Well-trained and Experienced Hair Restoration Surgeon!
Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong is a Graduate Fellow in Hair Restoration Surgery certified by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery which has successfully completed in fellowship training.

In FUE, Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong attended many workshops with well-known FUE experts e.g, Dr. Cole, Dr. Harris, Dr. Lorenzo.

Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong is a Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery which has certified since 2010 and now a Fellow ISHRS in 2014.

2. State-of-the-art Surgical Techniques!

Natural results
Follicular Unit Transplantation is a technique in which hair is transplanted from the permanent zone in the back of the scalp into areas affected by genetic balding, using only the naturally occurring, individual follicular units.

In order to remove Follicular Units from the back of the scalp without damaging them, the donor tissue is removed in one piece. This technique, called Single Strip Harvesting, is an essential component of follicular unit transplantation as it not only preserves the follicular units, but it prevents damage (transection) to the individual hair follicles. It differs dramatically from the mini-micrografting technique of using a multi-bladed knife that breaks up follicular units and causes unacceptable levels of transection of hair follicles.

Another essential component of Follicular Unit Transplantation is Stereo-Microscopic Dissection. In this technique all of the follicular units are removed from the donor tissue under microscopic control to avoid damage. Complete stereo-microscopic dissection has been shown to produce an increased yield of both the absolute number of follicular units, as well as the total amount of hair,

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation can provide totally natural looking hair transplants that make the full use of the patient's donor supply to give the best possible cosmetic results in the fewest possible sessions.

The Lateral slits technique is the only surgical method that is able to duplicate the alignment and distribution of hair as it occurs in nature, maximizing coverage, and eliminating the pluggy results of older hair transplantation methods. Lateral slit technique mimics nature's arrangement of hair follicles providing the patient with the most natural possible results.

Undetectable Donor scar
In the majority of our patients the scar is minimal if not invisible because we close the wound by a technique called “lower Trichophytic closure”. The addition of retention suture with running stitch will enable the surgeon to close without undermining, minimize wound tension, possible nerve damage, bleeding and follicular transection. All these will result in minimal scar!

No waste of donor hair
At Absolute Hair Clinic, we specialize in the finest Open technique donor harvesting method, this technique gives the lowest transection rate of hair root you have ever seen compare to other methods because we know that you have limited donor supply so every single hair follicle should be transplanted with minimal wastage.

Painless Hair Transplant Surgery
With efficient local anesthesia using extra techniques buffering the Lidocaine by adding 7.5% sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acidic pH and decreases the pain of injection, warming the solution to body temperature lessens discomfort as well. In addition, cold compression is applied with vibration before slow injection using the smallest needle (30G) plus hand holding, Talkanesthesia (talking while injecting) and Thai massage for pain distraction. You feel no pain during the surgery.

Can be done in one trip
Most patients have no desire to get ensnared in a lengthy, repetitive series of treatments that they might even have to terminate prior to completion. A mega-session of FU’s, in some patients, can create a natural, undetectable result; this transplant can stand on its own, and continue to look natural even in the face of further hair loss, and without the necessary need for further work. In short, the process is just plain expedient and efficient.

Also, every time a procedure is done, the donor area is "violated". One large, single strip harvested from the donor area will, by definition, create significantly less scarring, hair loss, and distortion of remaining hairs than will multiple, small strips, or, even worse, punch grafts. Minimizing the number of harvests, careful suturing and closure of the donor site, and close attention to harvesting technique can be invaluable in preserving precious donor resources; this is important not only in the event that further transplantation is desired, but also in preserving the cosmetic integrity of the donor area.

3. Guaranteed!
Absolute Hair Clinic guarantees that over 90% of the transplanted hairs will grow within 12 months. If you do not obtain over 90% growth, we will put more grafts for free in next session!

4. Previous hair transplant patients can be contacted!
This allows anyone having inquiries about procedure, experience in our clinic and the result can e-mail to ask questions to the previous patients. We know that when your doubt has been answered, you will realize that all your fears will disappear and that your unsure mind will finally be clear.

5. Affordable Price!
Our hair transplant cost does not contain any additional costs. Our quote covers the cost of the procedure, theatre ROOM , anesthetic, Dr's time, post-op package, medications and post operative check ups including shampooing, change dressing, stitch removal (if needed). The quote is based on the graft number required for your level of hair loss.

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